LED / Artnet Mapping improvements

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LED / Artnet Mapping improvements

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Hi, i'm wondering if there is anything on the roadmap to improve the LED mapping implementation? Specifically - making it easier to create larger fixtures than one uni/lumiverse, make the assignment of dmx channels easier and more automated/systematic, add import and export functionality for mapping ( in a format that is usable in excel or text doc, similar to how mad mapper does it) bulk creation of fixture arrays, ability to change mapping layouts on the fly using midi/osc/hotkeys/cues...

I know this is a lot, but atm im using mad mapper over ndi just to do basic mapping due to it being so limited in resolume which is a real shame as (in my non dev opinion) it should be relatively simple to add some of these features and could make resolume a real powerhouse for LED installations. One of the only things going for madrix imo is its ease for LED mapping combined with relatively basic VJ mixing + effects, and they charge a stupid amount of money for that program..

anyways great program, just bought 7 in the black friday sale, keep it up :)

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Re: LED / Artnet Mapping improvements

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