Group FXs

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Group FXs

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Would be incredible to have the ability to group effects. If groups could be added we could
Have ones for each controller and keep it organized better. Could also have a set of fxs all turn on or off together with only one midi mapping to
The group. And lots more! Please please please.

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Re: Group FXs

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have you tried to map the same shortcut to multiple bypasses?
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Re: Group FXs

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I sometimes map the opacity sliders of multiple FX's to the same knob for this reason.

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Re: Group FXs

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Bump. I've been coming up with some rather convoluted FX chains, and while I can currently go the 'Copy' / 'Paste Effects' route, would be lovely and more efficient to be able to create / search my own presets in the Effects browser.

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