AUDIO PLAYBACK - please do it .

"Where is Feature X? I need Feature X! How can you not have Feature X?"
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please stop with silent playback .

stop with silent Resolume !

or I quit :)


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if thats what it takes to get rid of you i say keep resolume silent :D


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i agree. at least give us the option to turn it on/off. i'm stuck at the moment and am reluctant to use vjamm. we are doing live video fed cues for a theatre show and if we could lay sound into the image it would save us hours of hassle and a whole nuther tech. this app has broader range possibility, since not everyone needs a dj. cheers, b.


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i would prefer, that the guys (meaning the programers) keep working on making videoplayback perfect and absolutely flawless!

it allready works great, but there are still too many bugs to not call resolume 2 a beta.

so priority numba one should be optimizing video playback to the max, which does not allow the guys to "waste" time on audio playback dev.
(audio responsiveness still needs development as well, if u ask me. and a tab function would also be great.)

people, who want to work with sound should save some more cash and spend it on vjamm pro, which seems perfect for soundtriggering.

people, who want to make their own MTV and mix music videos with sound should go for a decent hardware mixer and DVDplayers. (performance and sound quality would be much better then anyway)

resolume always was a video-only visuals software. and i guess it will be.
asking for soundplayback in resolume is like asking ducati for building ferraris. it would be possible of course, but it would not be a good idea, because ferrari already builds ferraris (okay. this sounds stupid somehow... but u know what i mean).
motorcycles are motorcycles.
video is video.
i wills top now, because this is getting absurd...

peace + love + more peace.



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this doesn't have to be a polarizing issue. why do we talk about things on the internet always with such 'intensity' as if these piddly tweaks are life & death questions for the 'integrity' of software. it is only a request for a feature. perhaps there is no overriding logic needed to explain 'why there is no sound in resolume'. it just isn't. besides the request was to reolume's creators. it doesn't hurt anyone in the end if they decide to allow sound or not, surely they wont compromise their attention to visuals as that is obviously their focus. at least we can agree that 'motorcycles are motorcycles'... true. cheers, b.

melbourne, australia.


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chill man!
i really dont get your problem.
i know, this was a request to the developers.
(i am the last who could program you a sound support for resolume really ;)
but this is an open forum. and forums are places to talk and comment on ideas. and this is what i did. i just tried to explain my point of view and if i was too intense, then i am really sorry. english is not my mother tongue, so maybe i used wrong explanations at the wrong time. (what was so intense actually? i thought, people would call me rather stupid for my ducati-metaphor) anyway, the last i wanted is to offend anyone.

why dont you explain, why you need sound in resolume that much? what are you working in, how would you use it?
this would really be interesting for the vj community and for the developers as well i guess...



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no worries.


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fr34ks :P


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please DONT rush to put sound support into resolume!

Quite aside form the fact that it would take valuable development time away from making the video side of things perfect, proper audio support will add a whole load of interface requirements that will be different to video-only VJing.

I would rather see a new audio-visual application than see resolume clogged up with audio-playing features.

Video only VJing and AV performances are different animals - one tool won't be perfect for both!



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I've got sound !!!! WHen you use video in flash files, and play those swf files with resolume you've also sound !

I don't know if it is a bug but is quite handy ;)


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