new global effects load w/ "default" settings

"Where is Feature X? I need Feature X! How can you not have Feature X?"
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george din_

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i´ve installed, purchased and tested
resolume 2.0 beta now for 3 weeks. Everything works fine, fx and channel settings can be set to "audio input" control, settings are saved with the deck. That´s nice.

I´d be delighted, if you´d add a "save and recall" function in the global fx section too.

Thats really the only single thing I miss in this version: Global FX are very powerful, but in 2.0 beta version
all effects load in default mode, and the vj must always modify them to being musically controlled first, when
loading a new global effect.

This takes at least a few seconds - and it is visible in the mix. Besides that, it gets annoying after a while, to
repeat this procedure over and over again. Loading an effect through a keyboard shortcut works fine, but just the same loads only default fx settings.

Is there a workaround or did I miss something in the manual?

That´s the only thing that doesn´t seem pro / practical to me in resolume 2.0.

besides that ... cheers ... and greetings, george din

george din_

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sorry! found the answer myself:
I must press the little disk symbol
to save fx default settings! super, of course
you implemented this ... please forget my question :)


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gee, and all the time i thought message boards were meant to talk to OTHER people ;)

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