Video Card Help

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Video Card Help

Post by magik »

I am a newbie to hardware and am trying to output/record clips at 1920x1080 HD, but when I layer my clips with effects the output FPS slows to a crawl of 2-3 fps. The clips have a lot of detail.

I need a new video card, do I need a different computer? Why do people prefer the Macbook Pro so much? Can I make my machine work for now? I have been researching cards but can't be sure what to get. I have a deadline on a video this week and I am on a budget.

My goal is to output in HD without loss of FPS. Ideally I want to Record from Resolume Arena without loss of FPS too but I can also try and output via HDMI.

My current card is a super standard nvidia GeForce 8400 GS.

My computer is Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 2.5 ghz 64 bit

Please let me know what you think I have been researching all day without finding a clear idea what to do.


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Re: Video Card Help

Post by HerrNieDa »

for your systen u recommend something like a gtx 285 or a newer model in this performance category ... just check if your power supply has enough power to handle a better graphic card ;)

i would stay at nvidia because of better drivers... often the ati driver simply doesn't work and the multi-screen performance is a bit better ;)
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