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Dual TripleHead2Go Digital SE

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 05:54
by wsimard
Hi !

I know that everybody will give me the advice to buy the Datapath x4, but like I said in another post, I don't have the budget for 1 or 2 Datapath.

So, instead of buying 2 GTX 1060 card, I'm considering getting only one card (GTX 1060 6 GB) with 2 TripleHead2Go Digital SE. I know that some people has some bad experience with it, and some have a good one.

I need to connect 6 Epson 535w projector at 1280x800 + control, so 2 TripleHead2Go in 2 DP ports would give me the 6 required ports for the projector, and I will have 1 HDMI and 1 DVI available.

From what I read, I'm not 100% sure that 2 Digital SE is supported with 3 monitors each, but it's not clear on the website. Just read: ... iple_gxms/ . At the bottom, it's not written Triple + Triple, but I don't understand why it wouldn't work.

At first, I wanted to use some HDMI to SDI converter, but it will be hard to find a converter that support 1280x800. They all seems to support 16:9 resolution only.

My other option is using CAT5-6 extenders... and there's also HDBaseT extenders. Should I run HDBaseT or not ?

So my question is what kind of problems I may experience with a GTX 1060 6 GB with 2 DP ports each connected to a TripleHead2Go Digital SE (so 2 TripleHead2Go), each ports of it connected to a HDMI extender (HDBaseT or not), each connected to a Epson 535W projector ? I will be running Windows 10 Pro.

Thank you !

Re: Dual TripleHead2Go Digital SE

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 07:14
by Zoltán
maybe there is a limitation, in the programming of the triple head setup why the mention only dual+triple.
maybe it's a typo, it would be best to ask matrox about that.

if you program them individually then plugging one of them to external usb power should work if the first is the case.I have a digital edition available, I could test it friday.

if you have the budget for hdBaseT then use them.
There are a lot of new devices coming out supporting hdBaseT.
Check the particular extender for the resolution support, and other features you might need like IR / USB communication which can be useful if you are away from the projectors.

How long cable runs are you expecting to use?

Re: Dual TripleHead2Go Digital SE

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 16:39
by wsimard
Since I'll be using always the same projectors with the same resolution, I would like to set them with the USB port, then once it's programmed, I would feed it with an external power supply. About the lenght of my cables, I need between 50' and 100' runs.

I have 2 questions:

- The best unit for my needs is the Digital SE version. Input is DisplayPort, and output are DVI (I'll use an HDMI adapter). I could go with the DP edition, but I will need actives DP to HDMI adapter (more expensive, more latency, more possible issues) and the unit itself is more expensive. Is the Digital SE model stable/robust like the others models ? I know some have overheating issue, so I plan install fans in my rack. It will also run at 3x 1280x800 @ 60 Hz. Am I doing the right thing ?

- I think I read somewhere that some people has the issue that their TripleHead2Go loose it's memory. Does this occur when it's connected to the computer with the USB cable ? Since my plan is setting it, then connecting it to an external USB PSU and forget it, if it ever loose it's memory, I guess I will need to reconnect it to the computer and resetting it. I need to avoid this situation so I need to know this.

Thank you !

Re: Dual TripleHead2Go Digital SE

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 07:21
by hrdmxmn
coincidently I'm using a very very similar setup!

I'm using two TripleHead2Go Digital SE (Display Port - 3x 1280x800) connected to 6 Epson projectors via DVI-HDMI passive cable adapters and then to each HDBaseT extender.

I'm not having any issue using Hackintosh with my GTX960, the only weird thing is sometimes projectors change its order and you have to remap or simply switch the HDMI-HDbaseT cable to have your original order and avoid remap.

Windows is a different story, I'm having problems with the Matrox GXM Software, sometimes it doesn't recognize one matrox or it loops flickering the screens trying to load the setup and you have to reconnect - restart PC. You need to have everything ON and as a last step turn on your computer to avoid any weird issue.

My resolume composition is 7680x800 working with DXV3 using 3-4 layers and still throwing >35 FPS

Sorry about my english :lol:
Feel free to ask anything, happy to help.

Here's a Pic!

Re: Dual TripleHead2Go Digital SE

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 15:08
by HI5
I talked to matrox and they told me it will work with the SE.

Re: Dual TripleHead2Go Digital SE

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 15:28
by HI5
I could go with the DP edition, but I will need actives DP to HDMI adapter
The DP edition wasnt working for me on a win10 machine. Cause of this i had to get the SE.
The SE was made from scratch, iis the newest one and cheaper.

BTW. TH DP is working with passive DP to HDMI adapters.