PCIe x16

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PCIe x16

Post by rawdesigns »

Hey I'm looking to replace my PCIe slot on my motherboard as it has failed. My motherboard is an old chipset (x79) and dont feel like paying 3x the price of a reused one online. I much rather bust out my soldering gun and fix myself. I'm having trouble finding replacement parts online and was hoping I can get pushed in the right direction? Thanks!

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Re: PCIe x16

Post by Zoltán »

look for pciex16 riser
I don't know if the x1 to x16 version has all pins inside the x16, but the x16 to x16 ribbon should.
or get a bad motherboard as donor
I hope you have a hot air solder, you'll have a bad time with a solder iron.
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Re: PCIe x16

Post by Anothertom »

rawdesigns wrote:Hey I'm looking to replace my PCIe slot on my motherboard as it has failed.
Do you mean failed through use or is it hanging off the board? If it's just stopped working then you're unlikely to be able to fix it by reusing the socket, then again if it's hanging off the board then there's the chance it's broken traces within the motherboard.

As expensive as replacements are, it's unlikely that you'll be able to fix it with any consumer tools. Contact the manufacturer, you may get lucky and they'll have a few older stock floating around or they might be able to fix it more easily.

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Re: PCIe x16

Post by Arvol »

https://www.amazon.com/PCI-Express-Rise ... +Card++x16

Hot air for sure on this one. Is the the actual sot or is it the chipset?

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