What computer and Projector

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What computer and Projector

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Dear all.
Please forgive me if this question has been covered before, but i am new here and just started with Resolume demo version.
A simple 3 questions for you guys if you can help?
1- what computer specs for Resolume to run smooth and don't freeze?
2- whats the best quality projector or say resolution start from for indoors use?
3- how long can i run it for? say at a wedding can it be run for 6 to 7 hours?

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Re: What computer and Projector

Post by He2neg »

Answers to this basic questions are hard to give and there isnt a right or wrong...

1 - depends how much "load" you put into arena ( Layers / effects / resolution / outputs / mapping)

2 - also dpends on the quality you need to have... i did start with 1280x720 or 1280x800 and for most use cases i still am happy with it. I also had a setup were 4k was essential for the design and quality.

3 - there are a lot of ppl who did run arena for days or even weeks. Normaly it shouldnt be a problem to run it for a very long time when you treet it right and dont mess around with the system to much while its running... 5-6 hours is normal for a show... and shouldnt be a problem at all
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