will a RTX2080ti do the job?

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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will a RTX2080ti do the job?

Post by KyleAZAVtech »


I am getting specs together for a PC build and am wondering if this graphics card will handle the load.

CPU i7 9700f
Ram 32gb 2666 ddr4
Asus ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080TI

I plan on using Resolume.

A job I have coming up will require me to output to two LED wall processors (we are sub-renting panels that will come with their own processor and using in house panels as horizontal side screens)

The stage setup will consist of
- main wall 3072x1280 and a DJ facade in front of main wall 512x512 (all controlled by 1 processor)
- side panels that will flank the main screen that are 1792x512 total (4 screens @ 896x256) (all controlled by 1 processor)

will also need a UI screen for PC

I am reading that I may need to sync these outputs if I plan on using all the screens as one large display? Is this true? I plan on having separate content on the screens for most of the event but while the DJ is performing would like the option to tie all the screens together.

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Re: will a RTX2080ti do the job?

Post by Bassindaniel »


My Resolume rig spaces are
32gb RAM

Easily managed to output an
1x FHD 60hz HDMI for UI
3X 4k 50hz HDMI For video walls
1x FHD 50hz 3g SDI throw BM duo 2 to a Projector.

So i think you will be OK :)

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Re: will a RTX2080ti do the job?

Post by Oaktown »

The RTX 2080ti will more than do the job!

Based on your description of the project, it sounds like you could probably use a 2060 or 2070 Super and be fine.

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