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New rig New problems

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 23:07
by alstergee
So... Hardware wise:

Intel i9 10900K processor @ 5ghz
MSI MEG z490 Godlike motherboard
MSI RTX 2080ti Gaming Trio X graphics @2000mhz
128GB 2666 RAM

2x intel 1tb NVME in Raid0 (stripe) at 2124MB/s write 1892 MB/s Write

Latest updates for everything. Overclocking tuned down to the highest but stable on everything, liquid cooled everything temps all below 75C

My resolume comp STILL is too much for this absolute BEAST of a computer....

When i launch columns it takes 7 seconds for the UI to react or the clips to change (yes i turned off all the transition on everything)

I know my comp is a wee bit bigger than most setups with 2 4K outputs that split with some video matrixing to many many screens, and 2 1080p outputs for other areas

But whyyyy it works exactly the same as the 32GB 6th gen i7 GTx 1080 computer i was using previously. Actually its a little bit MORE delayed

Is there any insights about why newer better hardware would UNder perform older stuff? It gets a 4071 score on novabench lol

Any hardware or programmer types know of any hardware issues with resolume or what area of performace the user interface and launching columns maxes out? Is it ram speed hard drive speed graphics card like im exhausted from all the testing ive done on this thing

Re: New rig New problems

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 09:14
by He2neg
What is your comp like? I mean do you have a fresh comp and everything running smooth and at some point it getting worse?
what does your hardware is telling you about workload?

"all the transitions" = also beatsnap set to none?

Re: New rig New problems

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 04:55
by alstergee
30 rows, most inactive and for special uses.
About 40 routing clips also mostly inactive and for special circumnstances
Outputs: 1 4k out being split up to 4 screens via offloaded matrixing
4 1080p outs also offloaded matrixing to other screens
Theres 19 screens total that come through video matrixing hardware down to 5 actual outputs on the server

Comp size is 10,0000x4320

Now before you go "theres your problem" this was working on a 5th gen i7 with 64GB of Ram and a regular ass GTX 1080 before. It was fucking clunky and has about a 3 second delay when you launched a column full of shit but it rarely crashed and it worked

Now im rocking a 10th gen i9, RTX2080ti and 128GB of ram i had assumed this would fix all the 3 second delay but now it crashes every time i open the fuckin advanced output and theres a 7-10 second delay when launching columns with nothing in them

I tried to work on a different project with it today. Just the main user screen hooked up. Brand new profile with 3 layers one used for a camera input (blackmagic PCIE decklink intensity pro 4k) video input being 1080p camera and it crashed a bunch. Froze a bunch. Acting super lame.

Re: New rig New problems

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 19:40
by He2neg
Naha i wont judge you about this huge comp ;)

Can you start the comp size without any clips and start adding till you notice the performance drop?

I just want to find the problem there :)

Re: New rig New problems

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 22:13
by alstergee
Ok so i deleted all of clips and kept my advanced output / layers as a test. Seemed to work but after i loaded in 10 clips (the ones resolume ships with) it became unstable again so i started a new comp with nothing in it and loaded 10 clips and when i opened advanced output to send signal to my projector it crashed when i hit save.

So... I decided there must be some underlying system instability, and ran a slew of benchmarks, all of them soaring to great scores, ran the intel CPU diag, swapped out my Video card for an older one, and then i launched the same original profile ive been having all of these problems with on my 8th gen i7/GTX1080ti/64GBram machine and it was running ok on that platform.

So i turned to the default overclocking on these 10th gen i9s
I limited the max mhz to 4GHz and tuned the graphics cards clock back 100mhz for good measure and VOILA the thing now runs stable, i can flip through my massive profile with way to many routing layers and outputs with EASE.

So moral of the story if you are using the latest and greatest at 5.2ghz turbo boost its probably not going to run very stably and you should tune your OC back to around 4ghz to avoid system instability.

Thank you all for your help!