G27 Racing Wheel as MIDI controller?

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G27 Racing Wheel as MIDI controller?

Post by huked »

So I've had this G27 Racing Wheel sitting around and am curious to see if I can get it running as a MIDI controller with Resolume.

I've managed to find some resources online about getting the pedals running as guitar effect pedals, but the "programming" as such was quite particular to that usage. For reference: https://youtu.be/c6s-XhI006I?t=470 (you can see the coding in the "show more" description of the video itself.)

It sounds like I will need to run an app to have the controller routed to MIDI signals. I'm also using Win10 if that helps.

Has anyone done this before or have any advice about potentially setting this up? Cheers!

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Re: G27 Racing Wheel as MIDI controller?

Post by Snoxxx »

Bome MIDI Translator Pro can do it i think, you can try demo version (restart all 20min).

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