Bro, does your rig even lift?

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really like the matrox dualhead features..... because (acording to the webiste) you can conect two monitors at the same time, or a monitor and a tv , etc ,etc.... allowing you to extend your desktop into another screen.

i noticed that the ATI dual head features dont seem that good. it offers no zoom... and correct me if i'm wrong.... it seems to be able to conect either a VGA or DVI and a TV, but not able to conect 2 VGA... is this true????

wich should be the best choice fro resolume?



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my choice would be (and was) MATROX...

good luck, SuperficiaL


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i have an ATI radeon 9200SE in my home PC and a Matrox g550 in my live PC, they both have excellent quality output, but i think the matrox has more features and is a little more flexible.
Also the matrox drivers seem to work with a little less problems.
My advice - go with Matrox.


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you can connect a normal VGA monitor to the DVI output using an adapter, which is mostly included. so you can also use the dual head function using two VGA monitors...

i have an ATI RADEON 9500 PRO and i am pretty satisfied with it.



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You can use two vga output at the same time on ati cards,
but u will experience some disadvanteges of the dual monitor settings. I wander why such a great manufacturer didn't create some working driver:( I have sucked so much with the ati dual monitor settings, like crashes, etc...

But it needs the corect dirver I think.


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hello, I am almost ready to buy laptop ASUS with RADEON
card eaither Radeon 7500 or Radeon 9000. I have found
on ATI website both cards supports multi-monitor settings
however I would very much appreciate if someone with ASUS having either of the Radeon card could confirm the dual monitor funtion works fine.

I have tried setup multimonitor function on DELL Latitiude D600 with Radeon 9000 but I was not able to have different applications on the LCD laptop monitor and VGA external monitor at the same time...
DOES it mean that on LCD and external VGA monitor I must have same display and to see multi dispaly effect I must have connected projector or TV thru video output /s-video or chinch/ ?


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ich have a radeon 9000 mobility with 64mb in my laptop and have no troubles with it, i can connect a second monitor to enlarge the desktop ore use it a cloned monitor or as dvd max screen, at the same time i can connect a tv screen and can even choose what to do with it, i can clone the first screen or make an enlargment or dvd max screen.

using the tv-out needed a bit of work because of this black borders, i had to install readeon tweaker and activated overscan, thats it

i like my radeon and have no problems, i am running my notebook at party for about 12 hours using resolume and a mp3 recordingsoftware, there were no crashs for about 20 acts


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if anyone is having problems with any ati card.. first go and download the new catalyst drivers.. they rock.. and goto or .org and get the mobility fixer if you have a laptop...


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hey...i have ati 9600 allinwonder, an u can use two VGA monitors. it work so true that the new cathalys drivers work better....
the only problem that i see, is that the expancif vga monitor is enable to reproduce any movie u see black. only the principal vga do it.



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i have a al in wonder 9600pro and i can't load the video input device... resolume just stall black in the input source...

someone know how to fix that? it's very bad and i need it so much..


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