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is it true that resolume dosnt work with a ati fire gl ?
there is no setting like "theatre Mode"
only overlay for resolution over 1536 ?!?!

in most clubs i can´t see the video wall !

i bougth me a new lappy (compaq nw 8000) nice thing but resolume works only with a second monitor and than i can´t see the output ! (or i carry a monitor with me but....)

can you help me ?

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Sory we have never tried the ATI file GL chps because thay are very expensive ...


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I thought about buying the nw8000 not because i´m rich but because I´d need it for some strong video and 3d apps appart from resolume. It´s hard to match.

Could you please explain me what´s the problem with it? Did you solve it?
What is "theater mode"? Some kind of device to see both monitors in your screen?
What do you mean for "only overlay for resolution over 1536"?

thank you


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hi u.....

the nw8000 is a hot lappy ;) fine for cutting vids or render 3d !!!! i think the theatre mode is a overlay function for the tv out! you need no second moni to work with resolume and watch your mix . you see it in the resolume interface ! i work now with the driver, certified by adobe for aftereffects (only for gigs) they support "theatre mode"...sorry for the bad english i hope you understand me ;)

so long...


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and intall omega drivers :

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