ideal garaphics card ?

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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Can anyone tell me what the best garaphics card is for an XP pro system. I Now have an MSI MX 4000, 128 DDR, But the monitor output sucks. Please help me on this ?


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well since 2.0 the graphicscard is not as important as before (feature wise).
because the output is screensize without borders like before making the overscan functions on the graphicscard very important (prior to 2.0)...
so my thoughts on that are that u schould by a(ny) mid priced graphics card with video-output.
becuse its kinda useless waisting money on a graphicscard with milions of functions for €400-€600 when a nonOEM card like the 3dconnect (or any) radeon 9800 for €250 will do as well...



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Thanks Superficial. I Bought a Redeon 9800 XT and it works !

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