DV-Camcorder as livecam

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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Post by squirr3l_ »

I'm using resolume 2 beta and it works just fine.
To enhance the quality of my livevisualperformace i conected a DV-Camcorder to my laptop. This works fine until the camcorder goes to "powersave-mode", then i have to restart the camcorder and resolume crashes.
Has anyone an idea how i can handle this, do i have to record the whole session?
thanks for your input, and sorry for my bad english.



Post by SuperficiaL_ »

hi squirrel,

i think the best thing to do is dont let your camera go into powersave mode, most dv cameras dont do this when u take out the tape. one some other ones its an option in the menu. when all this doesnt work just keep it plugged in...

greetz SuperficiaL

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Post by edwin »

get the tape out, and don't close it's door.
when the camera is opened it won't go into 'powersave-mode'.

that does the trick.


Post by squirr3l_ »

tnx for your soulutions, i'll try this !!!


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