Conceptual - not sure how to approach this

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Conceptual - not sure how to approach this

Post by mikekay »

Greetings....although I have owned Resolume for a few years, I have only done one gig with it - and it kinda got put aside....I'm back - and have a use - with my band for live performance - but due to a lack of knowledge (working on this) I cannot conceptualize how to set this up - so a detailed description follows of what I am trying to accomplish.

I would like to set up different compositions for each song we play. Graphics, FX, live cams and DMX lighting - triggered via a midi sequence that I create for each song.

I would like to use my Line 6 Helix via midi to switch compositions - each song is a separate patch on the Helix- each patch is assigned a midi value - which switches the composition.

I would somehow like to get the timing clock for the sequence either from the drums (midi triggers) or from an audio input off the board. A live timing clock - have not figured this out at all - but it would be SO great....and I can't be the first person to wish for this.

Then the next step is to have the midi sequence fully control the lighting via DMX in Resolume

And all this runs automatically - from the patch of the Helix.....the same midi number that changes composition, changes the midi sequence. So I switch patches to the next song, everything is ready to go - one of us (drummer) starts the sequence (with a click track maybe - band is still arguing about this) and our entire show is in the can so to speak.

Our PA includes a capable PC, I have a network capable DMX output, will use HDMI to rRG45 to get images to projector(ultra short throw) - now, I just need to know if this is possible.

Thanks for reading. Any feedback most appreciated.

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Re: Conceptual - not sure how to approach this

Post by Zoltán »

I'd recommend using decks for your songs instead compositions:

You can assign midi notes to deck switching using Midi shortcuts:, but Arena also supports DMX shortcuts to control functions.

Resolume supports midi clock to set the composition tempo, ... midi-clock
and also has audio analyzer, so you can use audio reactive effects easily: ... o-analysis
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Re: Conceptual - not sure how to approach this

Post by dreamaticos »

Here is how I have done this in the past, when we had no money, and were trying to use existing equipment.

The band I was working with luckily had a backing/click track running in Ableton for their songs. We added another silent track to each song that contained the midi notes we wanted to send to Resolume. Each clip in Resolume was assigned its own Midi Note. We spent a few hours one evening programming the show which was just agreeing on what Midi note would be sent to trigger which clip.

So it went Ableton Midi Out -> Resolume Midi In -> Resolume DMX Out -> light bars

If you want Resolume to control a DMX Light fixture -

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