Online Streaming from mobile into Resolume

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Online Streaming from mobile into Resolume

Post by erato-t »

Hi there!
I would like to use a live stream from my mobile into Resolume. I'm on PC, Resolume 5.0.0 and have installed NDI to Spout and Spout server. I also have OBS, tried to install the NDI for OBS plugin but for some reason OBS crashes.
Finally I tried VLC with the NDI to Spout feature, but this again crashes my Resolume project for some reason.
Can you please let me know what the simplest way is?

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Re: Online Streaming from mobile into Resolume

Post by He2neg »

at first get the latest arena 5 version .... 5.1.4 should it be.

a lot of stuff is fixed in this update...

When you done this come back and tell us were you still have a problem..
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