Request: 24fps 23.976fps support

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Request: 24fps 23.976fps support

Post by timp »

I was quite surprised that the frame rates 24fps and 23.976fps are not directly supported. I appreciate the clips will play but sync becomes an issue for my use. I am essentially wanting to do on the fly/performed video editing of video shot at 23.976 with sync audio, while maintaining very accurate sync... and also output a video at the same frame rate.

Is it possible to please add these two frame rates to the Composition settings please?
Playing 23.976fps video at 25 will create incorrect sync... and I do not want to speed change or 'conform' the clips to 25 or 30

thank you

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Re: Request: 24fps 23.976fps support

Post by drazkers »

You can type FPS into the composition with a double click. I use for 24 FPS all the time.

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