Gorgeous & Playful Interactive Projection Mapping

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Gorgeous & Playful Interactive Projection Mapping

Post by Joris »

Dalziel-Pow is a London-based agency with over 30 years' experience in brand and retail design, passionate about creating retail experiences that are unique and engaging for the customer.

A few days ago, they sent us the link to their amazing new project:
phpBB [video]

http://www.dalziel-pow.com/news/interac ... esign-expo

They were kind enough to expand a little about how the project works:
It's a giant screen printed illustration into a touch sensitive midi-controller using conductive ink.
It's proving massively popular in the retail world and we're getting plenty of publicity for it.
And rightly so! The playful artwork looks gorgeous, and the interactive projection elements complement it really well.

Using Resolume has been a great help getting the project up and running:
The ability to play multiple layers at once was really what drew us to the software - very handy and more importantly, very stable. With a powerful enough machine we must have been playing something like 30 layers simultaneously when we where stress testing!

The midi mapping feature meant we could trigger content using conductive ink through the picture itself.
Be sure to check out their other work at http://www.dalziel-pow.com/

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Re: Gorgeous & Playful Interactive Projection Mapping

Post by ReggieUnderground »

Great work! I like this path to augmented reality much better than headsets and glasses. This brings people together and encourages discussion, while the other isolates us inside our own thoughts.

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