3 Space Travel Themed Footage Packs

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3 Space Travel Themed Footage Packs

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Get ready for three new releases with a unifying theme of interdimensional space travel. OWK Crew roll out with a trippy set of cosmic string theory. Patrick Jansen shows he's also good with After Effects by taking us into the deepest depths of the galaxy. Dan Wise joins forces with none other than Stanley Kubrick for a trip to Jupiter, and beyond the infinite. T-minus 10 seconds and counting, we have ignition.

HyperSpace VJ Loops by Dan Wise
Traveling through the multi-verse faster than the speed of light, energy and matter become a colourful blur. An abstract set of clips based on the principles of slit-scan photography.
This pack is guaranteed to help take your set on it's own space odyssey. 25 fully looping clips with both horizontal and vertical infinity planes. The inter dimensional journey has begun... Hy-per-space

CosmicStrings VJ Loops by OWK Crew
Connect to your audience on a whole new level with CosmicStrings. Forever flowing, twisting and turning, these clips paint your screen with psychedelic colors and ethereal shapes.
No less than 30 fully looping clips, the boys from Ostwerker have really outdone themselves this time.

Nebula VJ Loops by Patrick Jansen
Wander through our solar system and take the next step in interplanetary travel. Stand amazed as worlds collide and comets reign down on alien planets.

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