Resolume 7.2.1 Maintenance Release

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Resolume 7.2.1 Maintenance Release

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We're very happy to hear you all really like the new clip renderer and recording improvements that we released a couple of weeks ago in version 7.2. Today we're releasing version 7.2.1 that has redesigned dialog windows and fixes a bunch of bugs.
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Fix List
#13737 Clip with ProRes 4444 + alpha reverts alpha type setting
#13739 This ProRes clip with alpha displays differently on mac and windows with premultiplied alpha
#14165 Playing h264 in random can crash
#13824 Position field on Clip playhead doesn't show selecting paused clip again
#13920 Scaling / sampling in the Advanced output lets pixels bleed
#14001 Slice transform in mask mode lags a lot after ASS changes
#14098 Long fixture names overlap a lot in Advanced output
#14005 Crash waking the machine from sleep with NDI clip loaded
#14184 renaming Fixture parameter to same name as another one, renaming it again changes different channel name
#14198 Crash clearing capture clips
#14346 7.2.0 can hang with advanced output open on windows
#14020 Moving group below itself, layer order can change in group
#14349 Can't move group below a layer below
#13478 Alpha channel support for HD-SDI outputs with BMD capture cards
#14354 Multiple inputs on AJA Kona 4 show glitchy
#14361 DataPath boards not loading
#14362 Popups & menus getting stuck sometimes
#14355 Alley, Crash trying to convert with an unsupported file in the list
#14378 Rendering a paused clip, the render gets the first clip frame instead the one at the paused position

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or just checkout the downloads page.

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