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Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 13:25
by Mad Matt
On mine not, the problem seems to be that nvida can t manage the display of the computer.
Already read about that on other various forums.

At the moment im stucked in a mid point between dell that doesn t support optimus disable function and arena that doesn t work properly with optimus activated.
Is there any chance that someone from resolume can work on that at least on new updates of the software?or provide a reliable solution to that issue..


Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 13:42
by Joris
If you're still up for sending that bad boy over, we'll be more than happy to see what we can do. Send us a and we'll work out the details.

Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 14:32
by Mad Matt
Thank you bro!!I will Asap...

Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 21:22
by roberto
Hi everybody.

I've just migrated yo my new laptop just to discover the same issue: black output on the second display (only with Resolume, as Windows 10 extends correctly the desktop) and second output named as "Display 4".

My laptop is an HP ZBook Studio G3 with Intel Core i7 -6700HQ @2,60 GHz, 8 GB RAM, VideoCard Nvidia Quadro M1000M

I haven't find a way to disable Optimus from BIOS, so the only working solution for me is to "switch off" the Nvidia card and address Arena to use the internal card instead.
The Nvidia control panel allows to do so both as global setting, and on application basis.
This worked or me but of course it's not ideal.
Thus I hope at Resolume can find quickly a solution.
Thank you,

Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 21:58
by Joris
The invitation to send over your laptop is open for you as well, Roberto. That way, we can help you the quickest, and you help a lot of other people with the same problem.

Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 13:49
by roberto
Hi Joris,

thank you for your offer.
Unfortunately at this stage I can't live without my little baby until the 7th of August, as I am working on several projects and I don't have a replacement laptop.
Let's say that, if the problem remains unsolved after that date (and I really hope it won't), I will be very happy to send my computer to you (as far as you're working in August).



Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 07:05
by gatemode
leadedge wrote:My NVIDIA control panel has a Display section at left, with "Change resolution" and "Adjust desktop size and position". But I don't have Optimus.
I have a Clevo computer with same GPU and processor as original poster. Going through the same problems too. Black screen on output if "full screen" or "advanced output" is chosen.

I have found that after using the Output menu option "fullscreen - display 4" (which is the first monitor connected to my laptop no matter which port), and then going into the Nvidia control panel and playing with the resolution, sometimes going back to the last chosen one, then clicking apply (if it appears- it disappears a lot and the control panel glitches frequently), I can get the output to show up either cropped at wrong resolution or eventually correct full screen view. It is strange how the resolution sizes mismatch in so many places though (the monitor may think its at 1368x760, while resolume interprets the monitor as 1280x720, and windows or nvidia panel sees it as 1920x1080). Very confusing!

Furthermore, changing between fullscreen output or advanced output, or unplugging/replugging any monitors then requires me to go back and change then set again and click apply to the settings in Nvidia control panel to restore the output so it is not a black screen again.

I changed the settings in the Clevo control center from hybrid to discrete and restarted, and after the restart, found that sometimes changing then re-setting the resolution in Windows 10's display settings control panel causes the black screen to become a proper display. It did not used to do that before, it always had to be through Nvidia. However, it is still a pretty confusing mess to get things working. Fairly possible if you are using your own equipment each time and can save advanced output settings with a name you know to load each time, but even still, the monitors sometimes then end up with a cropped image.

And if you ever use other people/places projectors/monitor equipment, it is a big headache of shuffling around resolutions in these multiple places to finally find a combination that works- which is rarely merely setting everything to the same resolution.

There must be an easier way!

Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 19:48
by gatemode
Is anyone having this issue with the GTX 970M on Windows 7?

I'm tired of the instability of Windows 10 for many reasons in general and am considering purchasing a Windows 7 license. I wonder if this problem is regardless of version though?

Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 20:47
by pfelberg
I decided to upgrade from windows 8.1 to 10.
I am glad I had a backup computer during last gig or I would be finished.
Reason: I get a black output when using Advanced Output.
If I just select Display2 it works fine for the extended output. If I select Advanced Output = black.

I´ve been running Arena on this DELL notebook with a Radeon R7 M260 for a while with no glitches.
Now on win 10 this happens.


Re: black output with Resolume Arena

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 23:42
by stevo

I'm using a XMG 506 with Nvidia 970M having the same issue on Windows10. I've solved this for the moment by deactivating the Intel graphic chip in BIOS.
My issue is/was a black screen in fullscreen mode and advanced output while a windowed output is working fine.

During a long night 2 month ago I was looking for a solution for this issue and somehow solved it by using this forum and a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately I never understood what the trigger was, so I could not post it here. But its good to know that it worked without the BIOS modification.

Fore some reason a few weeks (and some Win10 or NVidea updates?) later it was not working again and the only way to resolve it was the BIOS workaround.

I'm a few days off from 24Aug to 29Aug and can offer to send my Notebook to you for an analysis. Please contact me via PN regarding the shipping details. Thanks :-)

Kind regards