black output with Resolume Arena

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Re: black output with Resolume Arena

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magichand wrote:Updated to RS2 two days ago. Still unable to output display 4. Is there anyone fixed the issue?

You can only do 3 outputs with your monitor on a nvidia card. You cannot do four plus a monitor. Even with a 4port MST hub.

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Re: black output with Resolume Arena

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I think he miiight be talking about his secondary output? (Resolume labels my only external output as Display 4, while my internal screen is Display 1). I could be wrong?

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Re: black output with Resolume Arena

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sachismo wrote:I can confirm that is issue has been (sort of) solved for me on an Alienware R3 that is hardwired for Optimus.

The fix was the same as for dinga. Updated to latest "creators" build of windows. This fixed the black screen issue using nvidia 376.89 driver. But it also caused a new issue in that resolume and other programs no longer receive v-sync information and so always run at full available frame rates..

I can also confirm that updating to the newest nvidia drivers fixes the frame rate issue, but once again breaks the Optimus black screen issue!

Having too high of frame rates sounds like a good problem to have. But it is my understanding that is is not the best for being able to play, let's say, smooth locked 60fps rendered videos. Would love to have the option to have it work as usual. Anyone else having this same issue or any insight? Maybe worth another thread.

Anyway, at least it seams like the Optimus issue is a little closer to being fixed once and for all!

Which graphics card do you have?

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