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Can't see NDI sources on PC (Mac is OK) SOLVED

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 02:39
by gpvillamil
SOLVED: Removed the "Killer" network drivers and reverted to the generic Microsoft drivers. Now it works.

I was testing out some stuff, with Arena 7 running on a Mac and on a PC.

However, I have a problem:

Apps on the Windows PC can't see NDI sources from any other source, including Arena on the Mac or a phone running the NDI camera app. (It can see NDI sources on the same PC - ie Resolume on the PC can see the NDI test pattern generator running on the same PC).

The Mac can see NDI sources from the PC including Arena, the NDI Test Patterns, etc, NDI camera on an iPhone etc.

I would like to be able to send NDI TO the PC, since it has a much stronger GPU.

Has anyone seen this? Basically the PC can't see any external NDI sources, but it can send NDI. The Mac can see any external NDI source.

I have tried setting the Windows network type to Private, and ensured that Discoverable is turned on.

I don't think it is a Resolume problem, since the NDI apps on either end behave the same way, however, I was wondering if someone had encountered something like this.

[update] I have the NDI Virtual Input utility installed on the PC. Curiously, this one CAN sometimes see other NDI sources on the network, and then I can add it as a webcam input in Resolume.

Re: Can't see NDI sources on PC (Mac is OK)

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 03:31
by drazkers
Check your firewall settings. I turn it off because it wrecks all kinds of random stuff.