VJ Workshops/ Training in Australia (QLD)

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VJ Workshops/ Training in Australia (QLD)

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I was wondering if anybody knows of any VJ workshops or training that takes place within Australia?
I live within Queensland state so preferably there however i'm not adverse to travelling.

Mainly looking for training to understand all aspects of 3D Mapping on a large scale and utilizing multiple projectors / setups.

Integrating lighting within a projection show.

Fully hooking up audio reactive graphics. Creating motion graphics in After Effects and plugging that into Resolume etc.

Also would love to gain further knowledge on controllers. How to create custom controllers using iPads etc.

There's many things i'd like to study further and whilst i do my own research i'm sure it'd be a lot faster if there was somebody to explain it clearly! As i'm also a full time 3D Artist i don't have the time to dedicate myself to trial and error every night =/.

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