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Music video composited with Resolume

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:19
by Dubrunner
Hey all.

Thought i'd share this -

Recently created a music video with Resolume for a track that my mate made (MD Sorcery).

I recorded it with Fraps on my second monitor, then put all the multiple files together in Premiere Pro (was 4 2gb files as Fraps splits the vid up every 2mins). This made a huge file, so compressed it down with a lossless codec to a resonable 2gb. I then imported this into After Effects where i added a few colur and hue adjustments. At this stage i could of gone deeper and added some AE wizardy but thought for this vid i'd just keep it simple... will be trying it out next time though!

Found it to be a very fun interactive way to create a video.

One of my fav clips is the background vid i used at about 4mins. I used a vid from Doc Optics `Dream Fields` set ( ... l-Bows.jpg []) then added multiple Resolume effects on it. As you can see its completely changed yet retains an interesting motion! Love the power of Resolume to be able to do things like this.

I used about 15 layers altogether. However only 5-7 were active at the same time. To control the dynamic effects i used a Korg Nano Kontrol 2 with 8 effects mapped to it. I tried to keep it subtle with dynamic effects and let the composition breathe.

I took a while researching clips to use and planning on when to use them; started layering effects in between breaks and transitions.
Quite intense to create a vid with live compositing as there's no room for error! Took me a few goes to get what i wanted; as sometimes i'd get to 5 mins then blend in the wrong clip and everything would go pure white etc. I guess can always record various versions then edit them togther; however i wanted to be purest for this vid ;)..

Hope you like =).

Re: Music video composited with Resolume

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 21:00
by brainpaint
this was awesome!! thanks for sharing!