Kona5 4k output question

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Kona5 4k output question

Post by LegitJesseee »

Hey guys,

I am using Resolume Arena 7.4.1 on an iMac Pro with output via an AJA Kona5 card (4k firmware). I'm doing an led wall configuration where I need to output a 4k canvas, so my goal is to output a single 4k sdi from the kona to my processor. For some reason, I cannot get Resolume to show a 4k resolution in the "video format" tab of advanced output.

Is this a bug, or can the kona5 not output a single 4k link from resolume?

p.s I was able to somewhat get it working by doing a quad link 4k setup where each port was 1080p, but the sdis are not synced and it causes bad taring. I really want to get a single 4k link working if possible

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Kona5 4k output question

Post by plamen »

Bumping this because I am running into the same issue on my end.

No matter how many settings I adjust in the AJA Control Panel, opening Resolume always switches the card back to 1080p.

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Re: Kona5 4k output question

Post by Zoltán »

Sorry, 4k resolutions are not supported currently via AJA.
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