PC build for artnet control

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PC build for artnet control

Post by Jandrewsld »

I’m building a system for use controlling led pixels via artnet. Trying to figure out what specs are important when building out my PC since I won’t be driving video on graphics cards. A few questions come to mind...

Should I be concerned about the network card handling a certain amount of artnet traffic?

Can I send and receive artnet on same card? Hoping to send commands from my lighting console via artnet to resolume.

When running resolume arena is it using more CPU for processing or a graphics card, even if I’m not driving displays with my graphics card?

Anything else to consider?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: PC build for artnet control

Post by Arvol »

Your GPU is rendering the video. I believe the CPU takes that information and converts it to logic. So you will want a descent GPU. I'm you're not outputting to a monitor and your video files are 4k or less, I would think a GTX1070 would even work.

I think having a nice CPU (maybe 6-8 cores) and lots of system memory would be more important for this build. So maybe 64-128GB of ram and a nice i7 or i9?

How much are you pushing?

Most modern MOBO's have a single (if not dual) Gigabit ethernet port on them. Most lighting consoles only have a single ethernet port for artnet so you should be able to keep up with the pixel count.

I'd like to know more on this for sure on what hardware you can boost to optimize pixel output if anyone would like to comment.

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