14 projectors questions

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14 projectors questions

Post by NeutralM »

1. Is it possible to use one GTX 1080 + second 1050 only for outputs? It's strange to use two powerful cards if one of them doesn't even render.

2. Can I connect 3 Datapaths x4 to get 12 outputs, some with different resolutions? Or fx4 is way better?

3. Is Matrox Triplehead Digital really that unreliable? Will need 4 of them on one PC.

4. Maybe someone have some experience with chinese 4k video wall processors with 4 outputs? Looks like cheap datapath alternative.

Also will be grateful for any cheap multiprojection solutions.

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Re: 14 projectors questions

Post by Zoltán »

1. yes, but it will come with a performance hit.
2. Fx is not sold new any more, go for an fx4.
3. triplehead works nicely if you only have one on the machine via USB. Multiple should work if you only connect the display to it, and run the power via an USB power supply, like a phone charger.
The downside of Triple heads is that you can only set up same sized outputs.
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Re: 14 projectors questions

Post by daan.hzndnk »

Hi, in the past (2014) I have tested two GPU's on one machine and it failed completely, trying to run 8 outputs in total. So if that's not working your best bet is to stay on one graphics card only.

There is a cheap Datapath available working on SDI.



It's basically a quad-split HDMI 4k in and 4x 1080p HD-SDI out.
If you're working on SDI this might be a great choice. I have not tested them personally however someone on the Qlab Google Groups have said to be working with them with great succes. Downside is you've got no other choiche then to work at 1080p.

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