Macbook Pro M1 Max & Capture cards

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Macbook Pro M1 Max & Capture cards

Post by warpnote »

Hi Guys, I'm looking into getting a Macbook Pro M1 Max. :roll:
(I have not ordered the Mac yet)

I've been running PC laptops for the last 4-5 years, but I've heard good things about the new macs, and honestly been disappointed with my last PC.

However, I've also been told that the Magewell cards dont work with the M1 Max?

I currently have both a Magewell USB SDI (small silver box) and a USB HMI Plus (black box), that Ive been using with my PC's.

Can anyone let me know if I would need to get another capture card, and if so recommend one?
Would prefer something that lets me capture 4k and hopefully 50/60fps.

Someone mentioned Elgato, is that a viable option?

Any recommendations highly appreciated.

Thanks, Audun - Warp Visuals

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Re: Macbook Pro M1 Max & Capture cards

Post by Darlinglucifer »

I tried a handful of devices and the only consistent 4k solution i found was using an echo sonnet thunderbolt 3 enclosure with black magic intensity 4k pro pcie cards. Elagto doesnt support mac processors currently only macs with intel procs.

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