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Issue with Receiving OSC Signal from Resloume in UNITY

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2023 08:55
by developer1.rahman
Hello dear hope your doing great,
I'm receiving messages when the video playing end using this callback "osc.SetAddressHandler("/composition/layers/1/clips/2/transport/position/behaviour/finished", OnReceive);" on resolume. It's working but it has a problem . This callback receives a message when videos finish for the first time and when I go back to another video and come back to video on this column then for the first time it sends me a signal right after it plays video and the second time comes to this video it sends a message after the video finished.
I can't make any logic on that because all I want to do is when a video on a certain column ends it triggers another column. I want this through UnityOSC. Please help me with this. I"m stuck at this for three days and I have to make this app by the end of this week.
I have attached my code as well.