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Controller camera ptz slow Zoom Pan Tilt

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2023 10:09
by aci851
Good morning everyone, I need help. I have a 2 camera ptz 30x. I use them with a generic ptz controller. Everything works fine, but there is a problem. When I have the zoom pushed, almost to the maximum, the pan and tilt zoom movements are abrupt, fast, I want them slow, natural, but it doesn't work. I set the pan and tilt zoom speed to minimum, on the cameras and on the controller. Pan and Tilt works better, but zoom is always too fast. I changed controllers and didn't fix it. Can anyone point me to some controller that does what I want? This link says Skaarhoj models do what I ask but are out of budget. I can spend 1600 euros max. I hope for your help. Thank you