Output Glitching

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Output Glitching

Post by Audioteck »

We are having occasional glitches on our main 4K output from Arena. We are running 4K HDMI into a BM Terrenex which is converting to Fiber. We have a 4K monitor on the HDMI loop out of the Terrenex and we see the glitch there too. On an RTX 3070ti, not sure if there are recommended changes to the defaults for that card. PC is Ryzen 9 5900x 12-core with 64Gig of ram. Any help would be great!

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Re: Output Glitching

Post by Zoltán »

How does the glitch look like?
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Re: Output Glitching

Post by Arvol »

BMD Terrenex's are flawed. They don't conform to the TI chips standards used inside and have major clock issues. This was confimred in person as infocomm when I had their lead engineer sit down with Novastars lead engineer and the owner of Canare cable. We where having all sorts of issues with ours (we invested $30,000 into these products) and since then we washed our hands ofthose boxes. Not sure if they've done any work on their designs since then. But in gerenal, BDM Terrenex boxes are full of issues. I would start troubleshooting there. We literally had to power cycle or discconect their input connectors to get a reclock upon changing sources or edids on a source.

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