A General Wire Question.

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A General Wire Question.

Post by jacobmesick »

Hi All,

I am relatively new to the Resolume software however, I am a digital artist and I have been doing a great deal of projection mapping/ digital art over 10 + years so I am familiar about a good portion of how this software operates through my understanding of other similar programs and my artistic experiences. So far I am very impressed with Wire/Avenue and I have started to dip my toes into making patches for Juicebar. I am aware that I can compile video animations with my patch however I am debating if that is really the best way to use wire. If I make a animated Wire patch with all kinds of 3d animations and then try to add that to Juicebar would that be the wrong way of creating a wire patch? In essence I'm thinking that compiling animations in my Wire file I am creating a large file sizes and that there may already be a better place for 3d looping video footage on it's own instead of all together in one big Wire patch.

What do all of you think?

Thank you,

Jacob Mesick

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Re: A General Wire Question.

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I wouldn't integrate huge files into patches if I can avoid it. Could be an interesting thing to manage footage licensing though.
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