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SMPTE sync entire band's set list

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2023 22:11
by HoosierBoy
The basic question: Can Resolume do what Mbox Designer does as far as creating a playlist that automatically plays back an existing video (which would be triggered by a Cymatic audio playback player) when Resolume sees the unique SMPTE time stamp that's offset specifically for each song (preprogrammed obviously)
I'll explain it a different way...So, the band plays with IEM's and plays each song to a click track, the click audio played from the Cymatic Audio Player. We added a unique SMPTE track to each song, like song 1 starts at 10 minutes, song 2 starts at 20 min, etc etc...We had an LD that created this setup, and he had all the corresponding videos loaded into a 'playlist' on Xbox Designer...(he was also doing the lighting cues, which is the main advantage of using Mbox in this particular application). He also had this setup routed through the lighting console (GrandMA2) but he said it didn't need to be connected to the lighting desk..Anyway, the playlist in Mbox would automatically advance to the correct corresponding video content that we designed to play in sync with each song without him touching the computer.
I know Resolume is great at creating content and great at run and gun type situations, where you are changing visual on the fly, but can it do this particular task, establish communication between the Cymatic audio and Resolume video playlist (with 21 separate existing videos in it), without someone operating the Resolume computer host? Thanks for any and all help with this!!