SMPTE Colorbars

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SMPTE Colorbars

Post by akkronik »

Hi guys,

This topic goes to Developpers. I know that a lot of us are using Resolume in TV studios and I was wondering to know if the Resolume programmers team could integrate a SMPTE color bar test generator. This could greatly help the CCU guys to match screen with cameras.

At this time, I am using a PNG but a real generator would be better then an image got on internet.

This generator could generate others official pattern too.

What would you think ?

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Re: SMPTE Colorbars

Post by Zoltán »

Sounds like a Wire patch.
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Re: SMPTE Colorbars

Post by Arvol »

Images are the quickest way for you to test with the patterns you need. Most of us have TB's of content stored locacally, just make a Test Patterns folder and store everything you need in there. I have about 50 files in mine.

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