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Beginner - triangle layer

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 14:30
by lblblblb
Apologies if this is a really basic question but I am a beginner and trying to do something very simple so just wondered if someone could shortcut me wading through videos and posts as I've been trying and point me in the right direction!

I just want to play two video clips on top of each other, but the top layer to be in the crop of a triangle, so it would look like a triangle in a rectangle with two different clips.

I'm sure there is an easy way to do this but I've been trying to work out masks, crops and alpha channels and I'm none the wiser!

I'm not looking to do anything complex we just trigger a clip per song from our ableton file, but it would be amazing aesthetically for us if I can work out how to make it triangle shape for the layered clip!

Really appreciate any help or tips on the best way to this quickly for a beginner.

Thanks in advance !

Re: Beginner - triangle layer

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 17:20
by edwin
What you can do is create a Third layer that is a Mask for the Second Layer.
So create a Third Layer and set it to Mask Mode -> One Below
Any content played in Third Layer will act as a Mask for the Second Layer.
For the Triangle, Load the Shaper source in one of the clips in the Third Layer. Chose Triangle for Shape 1, set the Outline to 0.

Re: Beginner - triangle layer

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:09
by Zoltán
Or put a Keystone Crop Effect to the layer you want to show as a triangle, and set the Top left and right X to 0.5
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