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Slice transform scaling issue

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 07:09
by LegitJesseee
Hey guys! I'm having a super weird slice transform bug.

So basically, I've got 3 slices on my 3840x2160 canvas:
- 1 3840x1080 slice that feeds my main LED wall
- 2 1920x1080 slices that feed external IMAG LED walls

My problem is that when I play a 1920x1080 clip and assign it a Clip Transform to one of the 1920x1080 slices, the output is tiny! (effect is set to fill btw)

I've checked all my comp/layer/group/clip scale settings, and everything is correct! I have no idea why a 1080 clip is not scaling correctly to a 1080 slice.

If it helps, the Clip Transform is being assigned from the layer, and not the clip... but doing it on either result in the same issue.

This is what my output looks like: (the clip of the singer is 1920x1080, and should be full size in that bottom right 1920x1080 quadrant!)


Re: Slice transform scaling issue

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:41
by Zoltán
Could you attach some screenshots of your clip and layer settings, and the Input layout from your Advanced output?