Newbie performance question

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Newbie performance question

Post by casualalien »

I would like to do a live show with live players on top of
pre-recorded audio and synced video.
I am altering original digital graphics,
screen shots, photos etc. with Resolume.
When I record the pieces with Resolume, using "composition" to alter the EFX,
only about 1:30 will record. (music pieces are 3-9 minutes)
It seems to freeze while recording and rendering larger files.
Too low memory? I have 362 GB available on C drive.
But only 8GB RAM. Is RAM why Im not rendering larger files?

Should I render smaller segments, re-sequence and render them in an outside
movie program? Or should Resolume be able to handle this?

Now for the second question. For live playing I would like
to use Resolume, and have the live players alter the content
through EFX and the "audio input" EFX feature.
I would like to use sequential clips for the show with Resolume.
Different EFX chains could be switched in and out as the song progresses.
How do I set up Resolume to step through EFX in the layers?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Casual Alien :mrgreen:

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Re: Newbie performance question

Post by Dragonsoulj »

Since you mention the C Drive, I am assuming you are using Windows. Since Resolume is only a 32-bit application, it can only use up to 4 GB of RAM, and will have access to 4 GB provide your other applications are using less than 4 GB (8 GB total - 4 GB for Resolume = 4 GB). I'm not sure how much RAM recording uses, but I would love to know. I'm sure it varies depending on how much content you are composing as it were.

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