Resolume 7.20 Release | New Strokes Effect, Wire Color Types, Hardware & Node Stats, Wire Tutorial Overhaul

Wire Color Types
Wire 7.20 introduces the Color Type. This new type allows you to be much more flexible with your color management in Wire. The Color In and Color nodes will now produce a color type. Additionally, we've added the Color from RGB and Color from HSB nodes that increase your color making capabilities. The Analogous Colors and Complementary Colors nodes will produce a color palette for you, based on the input color. The Color Type can be unpacked to get individual components of the color. The much-requested Sample Texture node has also arrived with this update, which allows you to sample colors from a texture. As cherry on the cake, we've updated effects like Hue Rotate, Greyscale, AddSubtract, and Bright.Contrast to accept the Color type, allowing you to apply these effects directly to colors. 🌈

Hardware Stats
For Resolume 7.20, we've updated the way the hardware stats and FPS are displayed in Arena, Avenue, and Wire. The "Show FPS" option in the "output" menu is gone. The option is renamed to "Show FPS & Stats" and has moved to the "view" menu. The hardware stats are now visually the same in all three programs. The hardware stats are displayed in a bar at the bottom of your interface and display the FPS, together with GPU, CPU, and RAM usage.

Node Stats Panel
Continuing the trend of monitoring your performance, we added a new panel to Wire: the stats panel. In this panel, you can track how the load is distributed among your nodes. This is very useful to find where the bottlenecks are in your patch.

CTRL + F Node Search
Searching is a very fast way to find the node you're looking for instead of zooming & panning your way around a big spaghetti patch. Hit CTRL + F on Windows and ⌘ + F on macOS. The Stats panel will focus and you can start typing straight away. All nodes matching your search query will be listed. Click the one you're looking for and it will be highlighted in the patch and the Node panel.

Improved Text and Mesh rendering
The Text Render and Mesh Render nodes are now much faster when rendering a lot of instances so you can now go crazy and take it up to 11. Or 11,000 if you really want to set your hair on fire. :fire:

Tutorial Overhaul
Wire 7.20 is a great point of entry if you want to learn how to work with Resolume's node-based coding environment. We've overhauled the entire tutorial section to get you up and running with Wire in no time.

Strokes Effect
Built entirely with the new Wire features, this new effect in Arena & Avenue gives a nice van Gogh painterly look by applying angled brush strokes. You can clone it and make your own variations in Wire. 🎨

Expressions & Constants
Both Arena, Avenue, and Wire support various expressions like sin and cos in the input boxes. Resolume 7.20 introduces two new expressions: sqrt and radians. Additionally, we've added the pi, phi, and tau constants. Instead of adding a Pi node you can simply type in pi in the input box and we will take it from there!

Texture Nodes Update
We've split up the functionality of the To Texture node into two separate nodes: To Texture and Texture from Data. The To Texture node is now a simple conversion node that converts a type like Slice or Shape to a texture node. This is now in line with the other conversion nodes like To Float2. The old functionality of the To Texture node, converting data into textures, has been moved to the Texture from Data node. Finally, we've renamed the Texture node to Texture from Channels. This change doesn't add any functionality or break any of your patches, it simply streamlines the Wire language and ensures consistency in the future.

Smoother Output via BlackMagic Capture Devices
In previous releases, when video output via a BlackMagic capture device was not very smooth, you could "fix" it by adding a 1ms delay to the output in the Advanced Output. We have found the core of this problem and fixed it. It's no longer required to add a delay to get smooth output.

Avenue & Arena 7.20.0 Fix List
#20482 Akai APC64 Support
#11975 Play scrubbing audio on preview output only
#20811 Clip transport defaults are not applied when dropping clips to compositions opened from disk
#12132 Putting new clips into composition can ignore default transport settings
#16769 AV clips take defaults of Video clips instead of Audio clips
#19659 Default blend should be applied on new layers after setting it in preferences
#20581 Add start/stop (in|out) to ParamRange in rest-api JSON
#20671 Clip positions and parameters in REST-API should send info about in and out points, and relative position too
#20837 Add speed param to layer group in rest-api
#19778 Pasting Bitcrusher effect Sample rate param should keep the copied value too
#17750 Bitcrusher afx parameters adjust value every time composition is saved and reloaded
#18285 Slice transform is missing from rendered clip
#18511 Opening advanced output with video router from bypassed group, the output flashes to black
#18964 You can't change clip duration switching back from BPM sync BPM mode to timeline
#19267 FFGL host time not initialized properly
#20165 Splash screen on windows no worky
#20400 Make splash screen optional via preferences
#20403 Arena can crash on enabling API webserver
#20409 Sort found artnet nodes by IP so you can easily find the next one you want to send to
#20413 Remember mixer blend preset list fold states after Resolume restart
#20414 Close all blend, effects and source presets with Shift click, like how it works in the compositions panel
#20513 Crash with bloom effect with 1x1 composition resolution
#20612 Lines source with animated Width fills up memory on latest OSX

Wire 7.20.1 Hot Fix
#21373 Creating a Time node crashes Wire 7.20.0 (among other nodes)</li>

Wire 7.20.0 Fix List
#20685 Instanced ISF
#20543 ISF persistent passes
#20660 ISF shader with two similar inputs crashes Wire
#19166 Instanced Video Sampler
#19273 Box2D mode in Grid Cloner
#20557 Rounded Rectangle in 2D Geometry
#20572 Allow automatic conversion from Geometry2D to Mesh2D
#21121 Remove resource not working
#20515 Crash trying to read from Slice in using event Read
#20526 Exposing inlets on a Join in trigger mode freezes up Wire
#20490 Prevent changes to inlets when scrolling/navigating patch or panels
#20584 Wire renders visible seam when stitching textures on AMD graphics card
#20595 Radial gradient rendering can go wrong in the corners
#20627 Atan2 is calculated incorrectly for VecN
#20632 Text Render bypassed does not work, it continues rendering
#20680 Comments get lines added on windows on save, on mac, lines are removed
#20801 Edited Notes are not updated in the composition on save
#21048 Spokes and Bag with max at 1 hangs Wire

Alley 7.20.0 Fix List
#18939 Alley jumping frames when start/stop video
#20121 New Alley background color, not black :-)

New footage! 🦾 🪨 🌳 🌏 📶 🎵

Ghosteam makes a return with TrussMe, an unmistakable signature style.
VibesVj is sending us in space and in the future with ScifiVisual2, while we admire the beauty of imperfection in Misfits, a new pack dropped by Machina Infinitum.

Whether you're projecting onto massive screens at festivals or creating immersive experiences in intimate venues, Warped Landscape is an excellent choice for enhancing the visual atmosphere. Lost Signal 2 offers a collection of loops that seamlessly match and blend, and Modul03 represents the third chapter of Dan Chelger's program, designed to imitate synth behaviors.

TrussMe by Ghosteam

ScifiVisual2 by VibesVJ

Misfits by Machina Infinitum

Warped Landscape by Corteks

Lost Signal 2 by Data Ghost

Modul03 by Dan Chelger

Resolume 7.19 Released | Quick Search, Wire Dashboard Presets, Text Rotation

Quick Search
This changes the way you add effects & sources to your compositions forever. The same handy quick search menu from Wire is now also available in Avenue & Arena. With this menu you can quickly search for effects & sources and add them to your composition, clips, groups or layers. No need to browse in the lists anymore, this is so much quicker!
719-search (1).png

Slice Transform Upscaling
Previously, in situations where your content resolution was different than your composition resolution, using the Slice Transform before the default transform could result in unexpected scaling. From 7.19 and onwards, placing a Slice Transform _before_ the default Transform, will scale your content to the composition resolution. This also affects layers and groups when they have a different resolution than the composition.

Text Rotation
We've added text rotation to the Text Block source and Text Block effect in Avenue & Arena. For Wire, we've added text rotation to the Text Render node.

Wire Dashboard Presets
You can now create and manage presets on the Wire Dashboard panel. These presets will show up in Avenue & Arena for quick access during live shows. You can also create Arena presets for Wire patches, compile the Wire patch and they are then bundled with the patch for easy distribution.

Wire Monitor Backgrounds
As requested by the community, we ported over the monitor settings from Arena and Avenue. You can now select whether you want a transparent or black background from the cogwheel menu. Additionally you can snapshot the monitor into an image node or copy the image to the clipboard.

New Wire Nodes
A new release means new nodes for Resolume Wire. In this update we've got the Swap node and Polar nodes. The Swap nodes allows you to swap two items within a collection. The To Polar node allows you to convert cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates. The From Polar node allows you to do the opposite and convert polar coordinates to cartesian.

7.19.2 Fix List
- #20445 Midi shortcuts stop working, if clock input is enabled on the same midi device

7.19.1 Fix List
- #20957 Old presets for Wire patches get lost with 7.19.0 on MacOS
- #20955 Nvidia Broadcast source not working on 7.19.0
- #20959 vMix external source not working on 7.19.0

Avenue & Arena 7.19.0 Fix List
- #12902 Icons for Envelope Curves
- #14746 Elgato Camlink and other capture cards, no worky in Resolume with NV12, YUY2 and I420 formats
- #17650 This column shortcuts can break creating or loading a new composition
- #18144 Layer blend selector menu can show in wrong position/display
- #18721 Additional windows can open at wrong positions with scaled diplays
- #19304 Play once and clear on mask layer can have one black frame at the end
- #20115 Mixer names in list should not get shortened if there is enough space
- #20234 Right click - show in Finder on folder listed in the Fixture editor crashes Arena
- #20319 Text animator source doesn't update text value via curl / Swagger manual
- #20336 Spaces should scale the same amount as letters in text generators
- #20390 Correctly size whitespace of monospaced fonts
- #20407 Undoing clip audio track remove leaves relocate button on clip

Wire 7.19.0 Fix List
- #20320 Sorting options on Wire Dashboard
- #16464 Timeline node which played to the end, changes output value when you change it's duration
- #19696 Timeline can send out values outside of start and end values
- #19989 Juicebar Wire patch watermark is cropped
- #20012 Add exclusion to Video Mixer
- #20019 Values in inspectortje stop updating when hovering over inspectortje
- #20228 Incorrect Element node index ranges
- #20257 Event outlets show wrong value on hover, after hovering another outlet shortly

Alley 7.19.0 Fix List
- #19014 Crash in Alley 7.14 with GraphicsHooks
- #19138 Alley can crash without reports converting lots of files
- #19289 Alley conversion can make video flicker

New footage! 🧅 🌀 🔍

We're very happy to welcome wazu87 to the label. Their first release Abstract Fractals is a mind twister. OWK Crew is back with a nice set of Mandalas. And VeiledValleys by Artificial Imagination got layers deeper than an onion.

Abstract Fractals by wazu87

Mandalas by OWK Crew

VeiledValleys by Artificial Imagination

New footage! 🏛️ 🎨 🤓

Thinking about the Roman Empire is so 2023, but here we are anyway with Formation Effect.

Albertus Luki is back with a pack of classic loops brought to life by Kleur.

Coordinates, passwords, secret formulas? What does it all mean? N3rdiness is mysterious.

Formation Effect by SPYKE.

Kleur by Albertus Luki

N3rdiness by visualprime

9 new effects

Hey there friends, buddies and champions!

We're here with a little something-something for all you effect-lovers out there.
We've taken 7 effects from Wire examples and compiled them for Arena and Avenue.
This means you can install these effects without owning Wire.
Downloads can be found at the bottom of this post.

Because the love is strong today, there are two brand new effects in here as well that were requested on the Slack Channel. Note that these effects will eventually make it to JuiceBar (for free).

Requirements & Installation
    Requires Resolume 7.18.2 or higher.

    Download the effects and execute the files one at a time.

    Arena/Avenue will open up asking you if you would like to install the effect.
    Now you'll find the effect in the effect panel.

Smooth Transform
The Smooth Transform effect functions like the regular transform, except there is a transition between the values. This allows for buttery smooth scaling and translation. The best thing is that you can set the amount of smoothing.

Screen Shake
Let's go boom-boom on the beat and shake your entire output.
This effect will allow you to temporarily distort the heck out of your content.
That trigger button really loves some BPM-syncing!

This effect is your one-stop-shop for all feedback related wizardry.
After luma-keying the footage you can move, scale and hue-shift the feedback for some seriously trippy results.

The Slit Scanner is another feedback-based effect that allows you to sample a single slit of your content and repeat that infinitely towards the end of the screen. It's like putting your hand under a scanner and moving it while the machine scans.

This effect is directly taken from the Wire tutorial on creating distortion.
At first glance this effect lets you distort your content on the horizontal or vertical axis, but as soon as you apply some smoothing and rotation a whole world of distortion effects will open for you.

Space Warper
We are not 100% sure Hawkings would approve of this effect as it WILL bend space and time! use at your own discretion.

This effect allows you to reduce the color and image quality to get some lo-fi looks.

This is a customized version of the VHS example in Wire.
This effect gives footage a VHS look by adding scanlines, slight distortion and some chromatic aberration. Works nicely with the Vignette effect too!

Total Visual Annihilation
This effect will wreak absolute havoc on your content.
TVA is here to murder your pixels, eat your colors, crush your animations and spit out filthy grimey glitches until your eyes bleed.

And that's it for now!
Stay tuned, as I'll be porting over some Wire sources soon.

Total Visual Annihilation.cwired
Smooth Transform.cwired
Space Warper.cwired
Slit Scanner.cwired
Screen Shake.cwired

Space Warper.png
Feedback Pro.png
Slit Scanner.png

New footage! ⚫ 🐜 🪅 🚀 ✏️ 🔻

We welcome to the label FTVision with their first release Black Techno, a collection of readymades to mix and match. Termed 'readymades' because part of the pack contains pre-mixed loops, allowing you to maybe turn on auto-pilot?!
Also joining the label is Corteks with Space Racing, a space odyssey with no end.
Impressonist Flow, the second release by visualprime, pays homage to the impressionist movement, capturing effects of light, color, and atmosphere.
With Ancient Mexico we hope we don't appropriate or disrespect any culture.
Scratchbox is a series of drawings turned into VJ loops and Laak introduces a new pack called VJSKEcho.

Black Techno by FTVision

Impressionist Flow by visualprime

Ancient Mexico by VJ Galaxy

Space Racing by Corteks

Scratchbox by Primal Eyes

VJSK Echo by Laak

Resolume 7.18 Released | Decks Menu, MIDI & OSC Output Monitor, UI Refreshes, Even More Improved Text Rendering

Resolume 7.18 introduces a deck menu that should help with managing big compositions and busking setups. We've expanded the functionality on the OSC and MIDI monitors, added sorting and saving to the composition panel and gave other panel a lick of paint. Vertical Text Alignment is now a thing in the Text Animator, Text Block and Text Render.

But there is more! How about the new Vibrance effect for both Arena, Avenue and Wire? There are new shapes in Wire too as well as instantiated rendering and TextureChannel effects. So much stuff! Don't even get me started on the API, which got a whole plethora of new put's and post's and get's and whatnot's!

Decks Menu
When you're working with a lot of clips in your composition you can organise those in decks to keep a good overview and to make sure not all clips are loaded into memory. But when you had so many decks that it did not fit into the interface anymore scrolling from the first to the last deck was not very convenient and slow. Now when your decks do not fit into the interface anymore a decks menu shows up what pops down and you can always quickly open any deck you like without any scrolling. And you can even re-arrange your decks in this menu to stay organised.

MIDI & OSC Output Monitor
The MIDI and OSC monitor in the preferences now not only shows incoming, but also outgoing MIDI and OSC! This is very handy for debugging and figuring out why your controller might not be working as expected. It also shows what MIDI shortcuts are being triggered or what Wire patch is generating MIDI or OSC data. You'll find this enhanced monitor in the Preferences -> MIDI OR OSC -> Monitor button in the top right-hand corner.

New REST-API Capabilities
The REST-API is now more capable as it can now access groups, columns and move effects. You'll find all the new entry points in the REST-API documentation. Preferences -> Webserver.

Improved Compositions Panel
We gave the good old compositions list panel some love and attention. It can now sort your compositions alphabetically or by date. It remembers the fold/unfold state of the decks and with SHIFT + click you can fold/unfold all compositions in one go.

Refreshed Group, Layer & Clip Panels
The headers of the Group, Layer & Clip panels got a lick of paint to freshen them up and they can now show the color you might have assigned to them to more easily distinguish them from each other.

Even More Improved Text Rendering
The past releases have seen a lot of text rendering improvements but we're not done yet. There were still some bitmap fonts that could cause crashes but those are now solved. Text can now be aligned vertically to Top, Center and Bottom. Last but not least, your dreams have come true, finally you can start decorating your VJ sets with ornaments from the Wingdings and Webdings fonts!

Vibrance Saturation Effect
The Vibrance effect allows you to increase and decrease the amount of "vibrance" in your image. The effect amplifies less saturated colors while maintaining saturated colors. In contrast to the Saturation effect, the Vibrance effect will be less destructive to skin tones and is therefore frequently used in TV and photography production.

Wire Text Render & Shape Render Improvements
The Text Render node and Shape Render node now have options to have them output instances as 1 single texture or render to multiple textures.

More Wire Shapes
There are 4 new shapes in Wire; Parallelogram, Moon, Heart and Vesica. The Vesica Piscis is often used in Christian art as a symbol for the fish or the Ichthys, which is an acronym formed from the Greek words that mean Jesus Christ, Son of God, Our Savior. So if God is a DJ then surely a VJ is our savior and the Vesica is the universal symbol of all VJs. :-)

Reduced Memory Usage
We have greatly reduced the memory usage of Wire patches running in Arena so they may run faster or you can now use more of them without setting your laptop on fire.

Texture2D Channel Effects
We've added the option to accept the Texture2D channel type to the UV-offset, Flip, Mirror, Mirror-Quad, InvertRGB and Tile effects. This means that the effects can be applied to individual texture channels. Unleash your inner video synth freak with these new tools.

7.18.2 Hot Fix List
#20445 Midi shortcuts stop working, if clock input is enabled on the same midi device
#20406 Crashes in handling fonts on UTF8 user names since 7.18

7.18.1 Hot Fix List
#20371 Multi select in slices panel no worky any more
#20374 Clip blend selector no worky on windows 11
#20380 Crash with video sampler when resource in not available
#20381 Composition panel search doesn't filter out non matching decks any more

Fix List
- #13979 Remember Volume level in Alley
- #14450 Add Star shape to Shaper Effect/Source
- #19125 Memory leak with some USB capture cards on Windows 11
- #20160 Layer clear shortcut not working correctly with shortcuts created in previous versions
- #19908 Entering Wire license in Arena / Avenue shows wrong error message
- #18905 Trying to register an Arena Serial in Wire or vice versa to a dongle, you should get an error message about incompatible serial
- #19646 Factorial node
- #19809 Metronome Enabled inlet disappeared
- #19916 Adobe Color Wheel hex code no worky in Wire
- #18473 Accumulate node Send on Reset option
- #18635 Render sharp 1px lines with Grid node

New footage! 🤓🛕🚇

We are very happy to welcome Motus Lumina to the label. Their first pack Genera XYZ is completely made in Vuo and comes with compositions and FFGL plugins (MacOS only).
Versa Tale keeps us informed about non-Western cultures, and Visual Lab dropped a banger.

Genera XYZ by Motus Lumina

OmGaneshaGanapati by VersaTale

Derelict by Visual Lab