Media Clip Thumbnails

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Media Clip Thumbnails

Post by James_W »

I've seen a few old posts covering media thumbnails, but nothing gave a definitive answer.

I'm trying to create an app that can pull thumbnails of clips from a certain media slots and update the background of each button used to trigger them.

The plan is to make a super simple user proofed interface to trigger clips as part of an install where non-experienced users can select content and Resolume does all the heavy lifting in the background.

The venue techs update content remotely every couple of weeks, updating the background button of each user interface is pretty dull to do and mistakes can be made.

- Is there a method I've missed that would allow .jpeg or .png thumbnails to be pulled from Resolume over the network (similar to Madrix or ENTTEC ELM) to allow this app to automatically update its thumbnails based on Resolumes current media?

Or is the only method to do this currently to code a separate hacky piece of software to pull files out of the local file system and host them on a webserver from the same PC running Resolume? :?


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