Wireless midi controller with Touch OSC??!?!?!??

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Wireless midi controller with Touch OSC??!?!?!??

Post by Saave200 »

So, I have a midi controller and rather than connecting it directly to USB to the PC to use it on resolume I want to do this:

I want to connect my MIDI controller to my android phone with touch OSC (do you suggest other app?) Via USB type C
And then I attach the touch OSC to my PC with Resolume via WiFi
That way I can use my initial midi controller wirelessly (2 meter distance from my pc)
Anyone knows if that is possible to do? With touch OSC or other app? There's no info on the internet regarding this. Thanks

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Re: Wireless midi controller with Touch OSC??!?!?!??

Post by pfelberg »

If you search the forum you will find a lot of information about using android devices with touch OSC as a controller to Resolume.
I gave up that option as a solution, specially if you consider using a wi-fi connection, due to some lagging.


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