Removing Blending Modes

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Removing Blending Modes

Post by InFract »

Hello there,

I was wondering, if its possible to remove some of the blending modes which came with Resolume. I'm new to resolume and worked with MadMapper before, my workflow here was to use blending mode to mix up several video layers to create something new. In Resolume are way more blending modes, which i appreciate, but some of them are not really helpful for the performance I try to accomplish. So does anyone know, if I can just remove some of them?


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Re: Removing Blending Modes

Post by Zoltán »

Blends are coded into Resolume, you can't remove them.

If you have a few favorite ones, what you can do, would be creating duplicate midi shortcuts on the blend mode selector, and use the same note mapped to the blend modes in the Mode selector.
Then you can use the note to switch between these blends only.
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