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Re: New M1 mac

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With compassion, I will say that busy touring musicians may not have the time or mental bandwidth to stay on top of the latest developments with the minutia of software development for Apple Silicon. The DJs experience was real to them. No one doubts that. I will say that the certain performance differences between the 8GB and 16GB have even surprised me. And, of course, there’s probably a severe latency penalty for audio when going through something like Rosetta 2, however that works.

But, looking at the architecture, in particular the unified memory and very high single thread performance, it’s just common sense to see that these facts could contribute to probably the lowest possible latency in audio applications, especially once Rosetta 2 is out of the picture, but maybe even while still using Rosetta 2? Hmm.

I look forward to hearing more about people’s experiences with Ableton, because I, too, am curious if the architecture contributes to reduced latency, as expected. And, if not, why?

I’d also add that having a computer with no fan noise (with audio) is a nice plus!

See here: ... benchmark/

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