Audio Input patch for Wire

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Audio Input patch for Wire

Post by mechno »

Big fan! And I'm so happy that Quartz Composer style is living on in Wire!!
The biggest thing that I'm missing are the Audio Input related patches.
As someone who used the HECK out of QC to make audio-reactive animations and visualizers, the Audio In is the one thing that's missing for me.

I think I asked if it was coming during a Youtube live stream and was given an encouraging "oh that's coming" kind of comment, but so far I've not heard anything official.

So any chance Audio input is about to come to Wire?

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Re: Audio Input patch for Wire

Post by Zoltán »

Wire patches can have a Spectrum input, which you can use to pass Audio FFT data to your patch in Resolue.
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Re: Audio Input patch for Wire

Post by najork »

Is there a way to have the FFT function live in Wire (or any temp audio), as opposed to only seeing the saved results in Resolume?

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