MATROX EXTIO 2 F2408 - Who tried?

Bro, does your rig even lift?
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MATROX EXTIO 2 F2408 - Who tried?

Post by OdyPody »

Hello Fellas!

Did ever somebody try a Unit from the Matrox Extio Series for example an F2408?

You can get 4 Outputs up to 2560x1600 each on a distance of up to 1000m with fiberoptic cable.
So Delay shouldnt be an issue.

But i never saw or heard somebody would use it for Resolume or Mapping so im a bit confused where is the negative point to use one like this instead of an DPFX4 for example.

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Re: MATROX EXTIO 2 F2408 - Who tried?

Post by Arvol »

Never heard of it. If you have the $$ and are looking for an 8K to (4)4K sync'd output boxes, Novastar has the DS80 unit. You have to email in and ask for it as they have an entire different product line just for China.

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