Resolume Timecode sender (Touchdesigner application)

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Resolume Timecode sender (Touchdesigner application)

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Problem: Resolume can't send LTC timecode based on clip playback. A workaround is baking in timecode on one of the audio channels but then you lose stereo audio and have to render each movie file with timecode embedded (or do a collumn trigger).

How this works
This is a little Touchdesigner program that listens to Resolume OSC commands. When a new clip is triggered, it asks Resolume for the clip name. If the name starts with TC1 it will start sending LTC timecode starting from 1:00:00:00 based on the resolume clip playback. TC2 will start the timecode on 2:00:00:00

Enable Resolume OSC input and output
Edit the resolume IP and OSC ports in the "ResolumeTimecodeGenerator" Base in Touch Designer
Chose your audio interface and enable the output, you can change the channels inside the Base in the "audiodevout1"
Rename the Resolume clips you want to send timecode to "TC0 NAME" to send timecode from 0:00:00:00 (and TC1 for 1:00:00:00, ... , TC23 for 23:00:00:00)

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