Advice on getting 4 outputs from 3 video ports on laptop

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Advice on getting 4 outputs from 3 video ports on laptop

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Hello, I'm looking for advice on the best way to get 4 outputs from my laptop. The laptop is a razor blade 2018 and specs can be found here but i'll summarize myself: ... rz09-02705

My available video connections are:
1x HDMI 2.0
1x Mini Displayport 1.4
1x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C

I'm trying to run a show with 3x 1080p 60hz projections, and a 1080p second monitor for show control. I know there is a big difference depending on if I want the same image duplicated to all 3 projectors or unique images to all 3, but i'm looking for tips for both scenarios.

My last show, I ran the same image to 3 projectors. I had two projectors on the HDMI port and MiniDisplay, the 3rd projector and my 2nd monitor I hooked up via a Thunderbolt 3 dongle that I bought last minute which gave me 2x HDMI outputs.

Turned out the dongle was super weird. It had me install a driver, and I noticed during the show that the driver was using up to 30-40% CPU! Also the projector running off it had a very slight constant stutter. Mid show I had a big hard crash and i'm sure it was due to the dongle.

I should've in that case used an HDMI splitter and kept the thunderbolt to one output, is that correct?

Lastly, what is my best option to run 3 unique outputs from resolume and my extra monitor with this setup? Get a better dongle and use thunderbolt? I also have a gigabit ethernet port, is that any help?

ps: the dongle crash was so weird. Resolume on my 2nd screen (via the dongle) froze hard, couldn't find the mouse on screen. I kill the process in task manager and resolume is still there. Having no idea what to do if killing the task doesn't do the trick, I restarted the PC. It boots up, and resolume is STILL THERE after a reboot, never seen something like that. Turns out the crash froze the image data in the dongle and my picture didn't reset until I pulled the thing out and plugged it back in.

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