Resolume 7.18 Released | Decks Menu, MIDI & OSC Output Monitor, UI Refreshes, Even More Improved Text Rendering

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Resolume 7.18 Released | Decks Menu, MIDI & OSC Output Monitor, UI Refreshes, Even More Improved Text Rendering

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Resolume 7.18 introduces a deck menu that should help with managing big compositions and busking setups. We've expanded the functionality on the OSC and MIDI monitors, added sorting and saving to the composition panel and gave other panel a lick of paint. Vertical Text Alignment is now a thing in the Text Animator, Text Block and Text Render.

But there is more! How about the new Vibrance effect for both Arena, Avenue and Wire? There are new shapes in Wire too as well as instantiated rendering and TextureChannel effects. So much stuff! Don't even get me started on the API, which got a whole plethora of new put's and post's and get's and whatnot's!

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Decks Menu
When you're working with a lot of clips in your composition you can organise those in decks to keep a good overview and to make sure not all clips are loaded into memory. But when you had so many decks that it did not fit into the interface anymore scrolling from the first to the last deck was not very convenient and slow. Now when your decks do not fit into the interface anymore a decks menu shows up what pops down and you can always quickly open any deck you like without any scrolling. And you can even re-arrange your decks in this menu to stay organised.
7180-decksmenu-1.png (83.28 KiB) Viewed 35562 times
MIDI & OSC Output Monitor
The MIDI and OSC monitor in the preferences now not only shows incoming, but also outgoing MIDI and OSC! This is very handy for debugging and figuring out why your controller might not be working as expected. It also shows what MIDI shortcuts are being triggered or what Wire patch is generating MIDI or OSC data. You'll find this enhanced monitor in the Preferences -> MIDI OR OSC -> Monitor button in the top right-hand corner.
New REST-API Capabilities
The REST-API is now more capable as it can now access groups, columns and move effects. You'll find all the new entry points in the REST-API documentation. Preferences -> Webserver.

Improved Compositions Panel
We gave the good old compositions list panel some love and attention. It can now sort your compositions alphabetically or by date. It remembers the fold/unfold state of the decks and with SHIFT + click you can fold/unfold all compositions in one go.

Refreshed Group, Layer & Clip Panels
The headers of the Group, Layer & Clip panels got a lick of paint to freshen them up and they can now show the color you might have assigned to them to more easily distinguish them from each other.
7180-layer-header-1.png (69.95 KiB) Viewed 35562 times
Even More Improved Text Rendering
The past releases have seen a lot of text rendering improvements but we're not done yet. There were still some bitmap fonts that could cause crashes but those are now solved. Text can now be aligned vertically to Top, Center and Bottom. Last but not least, your dreams have come true, finally you can start decorating your VJ sets with ornaments from the Wingdings and Webdings fonts!

Vibrance Saturation Effect
The Vibrance effect allows you to increase and decrease the amount of "vibrance" in your image. The effect amplifies less saturated colors while maintaining saturated colors. In contrast to the Saturation effect, the Vibrance effect will be less destructive to skin tones and is therefore frequently used in TV and photography production.

Wire Text Render & Shape Render Improvements
The Text Render node and Shape Render node now have options to have them output instances as 1 single texture or render to multiple textures.

More Wire Shapes
There are 4 new shapes in Wire; Parallelogram, Moon, Heart and Vesica. The Vesica Piscis is often used in Christian art as a symbol for the fish or the Ichthys, which is an acronym formed from the Greek words that mean Jesus Christ, Son of God, Our Savior. So if God is a DJ then surely a VJ is our savior and the Vesica is the universal symbol of all VJs. :-)

Reduced Memory Usage
We have greatly reduced the memory usage of Wire patches running in Arena so they may run faster or you can now use more of them without setting your laptop on fire.

Texture2D Channel Effects
We've added the option to accept the Texture2D channel type to the UV-offset, Flip, Mirror, Mirror-Quad, InvertRGB and Tile effects. This means that the effects can be applied to individual texture channels. Unleash your inner video synth freak with these new tools.

7.18.2 Hot Fix List
#20445 Midi shortcuts stop working, if clock input is enabled on the same midi device
#20406 Crashes in handling fonts on UTF8 user names since 7.18

7.18.1 Hot Fix List
#20371 Multi select in slices panel no worky any more
#20374 Clip blend selector no worky on windows 11
#20380 Crash with video sampler when resource in not available
#20381 Composition panel search doesn't filter out non matching decks any more

Fix List
- #13979 Remember Volume level in Alley
- #14450 Add Star shape to Shaper Effect/Source
- #19125 Memory leak with some USB capture cards on Windows 11
- #20160 Layer clear shortcut not working correctly with shortcuts created in previous versions
- #19908 Entering Wire license in Arena / Avenue shows wrong error message
- #18905 Trying to register an Arena Serial in Wire or vice versa to a dongle, you should get an error message about incompatible serial
- #19646 Factorial node
- #19809 Metronome Enabled inlet disappeared
- #19916 Adobe Color Wheel hex code no worky in Wire
- #18473 Accumulate node Send on Reset option
- #18635 Render sharp 1px lines with Grid node

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Re: Resolume 7.18 Released | Decks Menu, MIDI & OSC Output Monitor, UI Refreshes, Even More Improved Text Rendering

Post by Resoresoreso »

Thanks for the new REST-API functions, been using it a lot!

(And all the other goodies! Keep it up :D )

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