Resolume 7.19 Released | Quick Search, Wire Dashboard Presets, Text Rotation

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Resolume 7.19 Released | Quick Search, Wire Dashboard Presets, Text Rotation

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Quick Search
This changes the way you add effects & sources to your compositions forever. The same handy quick search menu from Wire is now also available in Avenue & Arena. With this menu you can quickly search for effects & sources and add them to your composition, clips, groups or layers. No need to browse in the lists anymore, this is so much quicker!
719-search (1).png
Slice Transform Upscaling
Previously, in situations where your content resolution was different than your composition resolution, using the Slice Transform before the default transform could result in unexpected scaling. From 7.19 and onwards, placing a Slice Transform _before_ the default Transform, will scale your content to the composition resolution. This also affects layers and groups when they have a different resolution than the composition.

Text Rotation
We've added text rotation to the Text Block source and Text Block effect in Avenue & Arena. For Wire, we've added text rotation to the Text Render node.

Wire Dashboard Presets
You can now create and manage presets on the Wire Dashboard panel. These presets will show up in Avenue & Arena for quick access during live shows. You can also create Arena presets for Wire patches, compile the Wire patch and they are then bundled with the patch for easy distribution.
Wire Monitor Backgrounds
As requested by the community, we ported over the monitor settings from Arena and Avenue. You can now select whether you want a transparent or black background from the cogwheel menu. Additionally you can snapshot the monitor into an image node or copy the image to the clipboard.
New Wire Nodes
A new release means new nodes for Resolume Wire. In this update we've got the Swap node and Polar nodes. The Swap nodes allows you to swap two items within a collection. The To Polar node allows you to convert cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates. The From Polar node allows you to do the opposite and convert polar coordinates to cartesian.

7.19.2 Fix List
- #20445 Midi shortcuts stop working, if clock input is enabled on the same midi device

7.19.1 Fix List
- #20957 Old presets for Wire patches get lost with 7.19.0 on MacOS
- #20955 Nvidia Broadcast source not working on 7.19.0
- #20959 vMix external source not working on 7.19.0

Avenue & Arena 7.19.0 Fix List
- #12902 Icons for Envelope Curves
- #14746 Elgato Camlink and other capture cards, no worky in Resolume with NV12, YUY2 and I420 formats
- #17650 This column shortcuts can break creating or loading a new composition
- #18144 Layer blend selector menu can show in wrong position/display
- #18721 Additional windows can open at wrong positions with scaled diplays
- #19304 Play once and clear on mask layer can have one black frame at the end
- #20115 Mixer names in list should not get shortened if there is enough space
- #20234 Right click - show in Finder on folder listed in the Fixture editor crashes Arena
- #20319 Text animator source doesn't update text value via curl / Swagger manual
- #20336 Spaces should scale the same amount as letters in text generators
- #20390 Correctly size whitespace of monospaced fonts
- #20407 Undoing clip audio track remove leaves relocate button on clip

Wire 7.19.0 Fix List
- #20320 Sorting options on Wire Dashboard
- #16464 Timeline node which played to the end, changes output value when you change it's duration
- #19696 Timeline can send out values outside of start and end values
- #19989 Juicebar Wire patch watermark is cropped
- #20012 Add exclusion to Video Mixer
- #20019 Values in inspectortje stop updating when hovering over inspectortje
- #20228 Incorrect Element node index ranges
- #20257 Event outlets show wrong value on hover, after hovering another outlet shortly

Alley 7.19.0 Fix List
- #19014 Crash in Alley 7.14 with GraphicsHooks
- #19138 Alley can crash without reports converting lots of files
- #19289 Alley conversion can make video flicker

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